World Fish Migration Day
96 Happy Valley Road, Wellington

96 Happy Valley Road, Wellington
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Meet at 9am at Owhiro Bay School or get in touch if you would like to book transport from Z station on Vivian Street
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World Fish Migration Day is a global celebration to create awareness about rivers and migratory fish. In celebration of this event we are spending Saturday 24th October 9am - 1:30 at the Owhiro Bay Stream, the last unpiped stream on Wellington's South Coast.

We will be taking a guided walk along the stream and our fish expert, Roni, will be on hand to show you some of the fish and other critters that call the stream home. After this we will be helping to restore the banks of the stream by tackling invasive weeds, protecting the riparian planting and cleaning up rubbish.

Fish are amazing creatures that travel throughout rivers to fulfil their lifecycles, some swimming more than 10,000 km! They navigate using the currents, magnetic fields, even their sense of taste and smell. Native fish are often secretive and can be hard to find. They tend to feed at night and hide during the day under cover such as logs, boulders, riverbanks and vegetation.

what we provide: transport (if needed), gloves, tools and training.

What to wear/bring: sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants, a hat/beanie, waterproof jacket, a reusable water bottle and some snacks.

COVID-19 update: We will be following the advice from government and local council on all Covid-19 restrictions. We are required to keep a record of your contact details for contact tracing. If you have any concerns about Covid-19 procedures, please get in touch.

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