AON @ Woodlands Historic Park - AON EMPLOYEES ONLY
Greenvale, VIC

Greenvale, VIC
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80 Collins Street, Melbourne
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The Eastern Barred Bandicoot Program is a partnership with Parks Victoria to successfully reinstate a population to Woodlands Historic Park in Greenvale. 400 ha of Red-gum Grassy Woodlands, known as the 'Back Paddock', has been fenced as a Nature Reserve and indentified as suitable habitat for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

Vital tasks YOU can help with:

· Monitoring and maintaining the perimeter fence to keep bandicoots safe from foxes.

· Controlling weeds to improve bandicoot habitat.

· Planting native grasses which the bandicoots call home. 

Your valuable assistance will mean that one day bandicoots will be released back into their natural habitat and help to secure them a Wild Future! 

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