Twilight Toadbusting
Darwin, NT

Darwin, NT
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Departs from:
The Transit Centre, Shop 7a/69 Mitchell Street Darwin 800 NT
ph:+618 8981 3206
Departure time:
6:30pm or 7pm onsite

Cane toads (Bufo marinus), introduced into Australia to control beetles that were destroying sugarcane crops, are spreading across Australia. Cane Toads failed to control the cane bettles, and became a major pest themselves. Cane toads can harm native wildlife by eating small animals and poisoning larger predators that try to eat them. Household pets are also at risk from poisoning.

The dreaded Cane toad, is now found in Darwin and right across the Top End of Australia and has a depressing impact on our urban and rural areas, killing our native fauna species. Join our Toadbusting Team and help to control Cane Toads.

Conservation Volunteers in partnership with the proactive Frogwatch organisation, will not only assist in the control of the toad, but also provide you with helpful advice on how to ‘toad-proof’ your yard, and let you know of other interesting toady facts! Don’t know what a toad looks like? Don’t worry, as part of joining this project our CVA Team Leader and Frogwatch members will help you to identify them, by sound and by looks!

These toady evenings will be held at various hot spot locations across the Darwin region.

Frogwatch believe that by reducing numbers to a very low level during the dry season, and incorporating a few other control techniques that we will be able to have a large impact on the toad population in the Top End.

Volunteers to this project can meet at the office for an information session on the Toads before heading out on site, at 6.30pm. Otherwise, if you're already confident with your Toad ID feel free simply to meet us on site at 7:00pm. Contact the office to find out the weekly location.

***Please note we can now take large bookings of up to 30 people for our toadbusts. If you have a group interested please contact the office directly for more information. Bookings are still required.***

For further information on this project please contact our Darwin office on 08 8981 3206 or email

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For more information, or for help with your booking, please contact the Darwin office on +618 8981 3206 or email