Trees Corridors and Tree Kangaroos in Atherton Tablelands!
Jaggen, QLD

Jaggen, QLD
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38 Hayward Street Mooroobool 4870 QLD
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The Mabi forests of the Atherton Tablelands are home to a unique creature called the Tree Kangaroo. This marsupial is very special because unlike other kangaroos, this one lives in trees! This week you and the team will spend time in and along side the rainforest, assisting to restore Tree Kangaroo habitat. There is one place in particular where Conservation Volunteers Australia has teamed up with local groups to completely re-plant three hectares of habitat with thousands of trees! When mature, this planting will form a green corridor  - an area which connects one patch of forest to another patch. The corridor will help wildlife to move accross the landscape to find food and seek shelter. Planting this many trees takes time and preparation so we do the prep first and then we plant in December when there is greater rainfall. When you visit the area in October you will be helping to get the area ready for the December planting. 

The accomodation is fabulous for this project! You will be camping at a site that has a fantastic camp kitchen shelter on the edge of the rainforest. The shelter opens up on the side that faces the rainforest, so it is almost like you are preparing your dinner in the wild! After dark there are possums and other critters that come out to see waht you are up to. Bring your camera for some cute photo opportunities!

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