Toad Busters
Gladstone, QLD

Gladstone, QLD
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Join the Gladstone office as we continue our campaign to rid the Gladstone region of the notorious pest…The Cane Toad!

The team will be catching and removing cane toads from a number of fresh water areas around the city.

The poisonous introduced toads pose a serious threat to native wildlife. A female adult Cane Toad can produce up to 35,000 eggs twice a year!  Last season we removed over 5,000 toads, so even if just half were feamles we have potentially reduced breeding numbers by 175 million.

This year the Toad Busters team will also be constructing and using new Cane Toad tadpole traps with the help of Gladstone Regional Council and the University of Queensland, come early in the evening and learn how to construct, set and use these traps at your own dam or waterhole

The project is a fantastic opportunity to involve the whole family in an activity that directly benefits the local environment.

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