The Woorndoo Grassland restoration and diversification project (Warrnambool)
Woorndoo, Victoria

Woorndoo, Victoria
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Flagstaff Hill carpark, Warrnambool
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This activity supports a larger project initiated through the Woorndoo Land Protection Group and researchers from Melbourne University into Grassland restoration and diversification techniques. 

The project focuses on locally-sourced grasses and
forbs from two critically endangered communities of
the VVP. This two year project will assess protocols for
establishing large populations within an existing directsown
native grassland and a newly sown grassland.
Forty forb species will be targeted for field collection,
and 30 for supplementary seed increase in a shortterm
seed production area (SPA). One species (Rutidosis
leptorhynchoides) and one sub-species (Leucochrysum
albicans subsp. tricolor (syn. var. tricolor)) are listed as
nationally endangered. Rutidosis seed will be sourced
from a large, nearby restored population (Wickliffe) with
the intention of establishing a new, viable population at
Woorndoo. Leucochrysum subsp. tricolor occurs locally
and is available from large restored populations. Seed
for the state endangered and nationally vulnerable
pea, Glycine latrobeana, will be harvested locally. A key
aim is to secure large populations of diverse species in
functioning plant communities as a hedge against the ongoing
depletion of remnants. In time, these communities
can be further expanded and diversified with the many,
usually less common, species not yet represented in
these restorations. This will include numerous species
of terrestrial orchids in urgent need of safe haven, as
techniques for their field establishment are refined.

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