Community Day at Tanera Gully
66 Epuni Street, Wellington

66 Epuni Street, Wellington
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Meet at top of Epuni Street or get in touch about a ride from the Z station on Vivian Street
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The Tanera Gully Restoration Project is a community-led initiative aiming to restore a neglected gully, overgrown with weed and littered with rubbish, that runs between Epuni Street and Tanera Park in Aro Valley.  Help is needed with looking after the trees that have been previously planted in this area. Take a guided walk with the passionate volunteers of the Tanera Gully Restoration Project - learn about the history of the park, the native flora and fauna in the reserve and our bold vision for the future. 

We provide: an experienced team leader, tools, gloves, health and safety management and training. 

What to wear/bring: sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants, a hat/beanie, waterproof jacket, a reuseable water bottle and some snacks.

COVID-19 update

We will be following the advice from government and local council on all Covid-19 restrictions.

We are required to keep a record of your contact details for contact tracing. If you have any concerns about Covid-19 procedures, please get in touch.

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15th November 2021
Joining this project is free. There is no overnight stay.
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