Rewilding the Desert - Little Desert Nature Lodge
Nhill, Victoria

Nhill, Victoria
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Little Desert Nature Lodge
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Rewilding the Desert is an ambitious project aiming to bring back from the brink some of Australia’s most threatened wildlife, including: The Western Quoll, Burrowing Bettong and Western Barred Bandicoot.  At Conservation Volunteers’ three properties adjoining the Little Desert National Park in western Victoria, we will be reintroducing a suite of these nationally threatened species.  Amidst the natural beauty of the remote Wimmera landscape come and participate in a scientifically rigorous monitoring and research program that is going to help conserve Australia’s unique wildlife.

In this project you will be returning habitat back to a more natural state. To do this we will be planting native species, mapping rabbit populations and removing old fence lines.

***** On this project Volunteers recieve free accommodation and meals.*****

Free travel by bus or troop carrier from Bendigo will be available.

Self drive options also available.

Additional activities may include spotlight tours and feeding of contained fauna.

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