Restoring Native Fish Habitat on Glenaulin Creek
Dartmoor, Victoria

Dartmoor, Victoria
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175 Commercial Street W Mount Gambier 5290 SA
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Glenaulin Creek spills east off the Glenelg River just outside of Dartmoor Victoria. The creek harbors significant river habitat for native mammals and birds, as well as the endangered fresh water fish - the Ewan's Ponds Pygmy Perch.

Invasive weeds unfortunately grow along the river banks, choking out native plants and the river. Weed seeds can easily be spread by water. Seed filled fruits are dropped in the creeks and travel downstream to create new populations. The weedy Maple species at this site have the potential to change the structure of the local vegetation community by out competing local species.

Conservation Volunteers will be complementing ongoing research with Green Triangle Forest Products, into the control methods for the pest Maple weed. Teams will be undertaking integrated weed control methods and flora and fauna technical surveys. The invasive Maple species needs to be kept under control to protect the amazing river habitat that is present here and we need your help to preserve the Ewan’s Ponds Pygmy Perch.

Conservation Volunteers is engaging community members from regional and remote areas to participate in environmental conservation. Come and be an ambassador for conservation. Your help will influence other people into volunteering and protecting our environment. Help us make a difference, its more than just bird watching and pulling weeds, help us inspire others to take care of our future.

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