Protecting the local marine environment: Marine debris removal
Torrensville, South Australia

Torrensville, South Australia
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134 South Road Torrensville 5031 SA
ph:+ 61 8 8352 4111
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Marine debris is any rubbish that is washed, blown or disposed of into the marine and coastal environment. Plastics are the most common type of marine debris and most of the rubbish is related to what we consume, particularly food and beverage products, as well as smoking and other consumer goods. The very properties that make many of these plastic items so useful also make them a serious problem for the marine environment as the slow rate of decompostion leads to a gradual, but significant accumulation in the coastal and marine environment.

Marine debris is becoming a massive environmental issue worldwide, with it estimated that approximately 6.4 million tons of litter is ending up in the world's oceans every year. This is a serious problem as marine debris has a wide variety of negative impacts for humans, wildlife and sensitive aquatic habitats, including the highly publicised injury and fatality to marine life through entanglement or ingestion.

Thanks to funding from the Community NRM Action Grants we will be focusing on removing marine debris from various beaches and coastline along SA to protect the local marine environment. The collected rubbish will also be quantified to obtain data regarding type and potential origin of the debris.

Thursday 1 March - Torrens Island

Friday 2 March - Torrens Island

Tuesday 6 March - Port Parham

Wednesday 7 March - Webb Beach

Friday 9 March - Port Gawler

Thursday 22 March - Torrens Island

Join us to help combat this important global issue!

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