Wetland Biodiversity Recovery
Porirua Harbour, Porirua

Porirua Harbour, Porirua
Departs from:
Z Station Vivian Street 8:30am or Porirua Train Station at 8:50am
Departure time:

Planting native coastal plants on sand dunes and in estuaries this summer combats impacts caused by climate change for future generations. Increasing plant biodiversity prevents the erosion of beaches and maintains water quality. Reeds planted in estuaries provide habitat and feeding grounds for whitebait (inanga) and birds (fernbird and white heron). 

Join us in Porirua for weeding and re-vegetation of dunes and estuaries. Bring a lunch and reusable waterbottle and wear a hat, long sleeves, pants and sturdy shoes.

Free transport provided from the Z Station on Vivian Street at 8:30am in town and the Porirua Train Station at 8:50am. Alternatively ask for directions directly to the site.

Register online or email us at wellington@cvnz.org.nz to book.

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17th December 2019
Cost: On projects which include an overnight stay, a volunteer contribution towards costs of meals, accommodation and transport is required – from From $40.00 for 2 days
* single day bookings are FREE
Weed Removal, Planting, Other
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For more information, or for help with your booking, please contact the Melrose, office on 02187 8185 or email wellington@cvnz.org.nz