Pine wildling control in native forests (Portland)
Strathdownie, Victoria

Strathdownie, Victoria
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Pine Wildling control is incredibly important to main quality native forests for local flora and fauna. Many of the forests in South West Victoria have weedy Pine Wildlings invading from nearby Pine Plantations. This  project site is working in  forest in South West  Victoria. The ecological vegetation class is Heathy Woodland and smaller areas of Heathy Herb rich Woodland which typically have stringy bark as an overstorey species.

These forest communities are inmportant for many fauna species but this work is targetted particularly to sites that are known habitats for the endangered Red Tailed  Black Cockatoo. This cockatoo uses the red and brown stringy bark gum nuts as an important food source. 

The site is home to Emus, kangaroos, wallabies and a wide range of bird species

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27th to 29th August 2019
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