Mainland Island Restoration Organisation - Planting Parangarahu Lakes
Eastbourne, Wellington

Eastbourne, Wellington
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The Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) is a substantial restoration effort organised by a group of committed community members from around Wellington.  The project is located on the eastern side of Wellington Harbour and contains a substantial amount of native bush, scrub, and regenerating land. The aim is to assist the natural regeneration by returning a seed source to a landscape which has been depleted by humans and animals. The MIRO Nursery supplies the eco-sourced trees which are planted in rabbit and stock proof plots.  

On this day we'll be working in the Parangarahu Lakes Block to do some planting. This is a great opportunity to get involved with one of Wellington's largest restoration projects, so please get in touch if you'd like to sign up.

What to wear/bring: sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants, a hat/beanie, waterproof jacket, spare socks, warm gloves, water bottle and food.

What we provide: transport to and from site, tools, gloves and experienced team leader and training.

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