Zealandia Ecosanctuary - Perimeter Fence Maintenance
Karori, Wellington

Karori, Wellington
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free transport available from the Z station on Vivian Street. Alternatively, meet the team outside the Zealandia Visitor Centre at 9:00
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Come help out in Zealandia, the world’s first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary. The long term goal of Zealandia is to restore a Wellington valley’s forest and freshwater ecosystems as closely as possible to their pre-human state. The 225 hectare ecosanctuary is a groundbreaking conservation project that has reintroduced 18 species of native wildlife back into the area. 

On this day we will be walking through Zealandia to the predator proof fence-line, and using a variety of hand tools, clear away any vegetation which is growing too close to the fence. This is important work as it maintains the integrity of the perimeter fence and ensures that predators are kept out of the sanctuary.  

We provide: an experienced team leader, tools and gloves.

What to wear/bring: sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants, a hat/beanie, waterproof jacket and a re-useable water bottle.

Upon conclusion of the day, there will be an opportunity to go for a walk through some of the tracks inside the sanctuary and have a go at spotting some of the rare and amazing creatures which live inside.  

For more info on Zealandia, check out: https://www.visitzealandia.com/About

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13th February 2020
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