Grange Burn Restoration (Warrnambool)
Hamilton, Victoria

Hamilton, Victoria
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Departs from:
Flagstaff Hill Carpark, Warrnambool
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Activities in this picturesque area of Hamilton include:

- herbicide spraying for weeds such as Phalaris, thistles and spiny rush

- plant ID of native and pest species

- herbicide cut and paint method using loppers, saws, other hand tools and dabbers to manage woody weeds such as Elm and Desert Ash

- wildlife viewing

- brush cutting grassy weeds such as Phalaris sp.

- hand pulling weeds and tidying garden beds

Come and try out volunteering with us for a day! Guaranteed you will meet new people and learn something new about the environment, at the same time just being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors!

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3rd February 2020
Cost: On projects which include an overnight stay, a volunteer contribution towards costs of meals, accommodation and transport is required – from * single day bookings are FREE
Weed Removal
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