Green Links - Point Peron Planting
Peron, WA

Peron, WA
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We offer a free pick-up from Pioneer Reserve, on the Phillimore St side in Fremantle. Or meet us onsite at 9am. Please call our office on 08 9335 2777 for location details.
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The threat from weeds to Lake Richmond and Cape Peron and their critically endangered ecological communities has grown recently.  Of particular threat is the invasive Buckthorn species which rapidly overtakes whole ecosystems and wipes out of our native vegetation. 

After many weeks of removing and controlling the Buckthorn populations at Point Peron, we are now ready to plant new native seedings which will help to increase the biodiversity of the Point Peron Bushland. 

Come and join us for one or more of these planting days as we assist the Friends of Point Peron and the City of Rockingham to conserve this beautiful peninsular. 

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