Friends of Carnaby Reserve - Connolly
Connolly, WA

Connolly, WA
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Departs from:
Pioneer Reserve, Fremantle - on the Phillimore Street side, just opposite the train station. You will see other volunteers waiting here and our white Hi-Ace van with CVA logos is easy to spot.
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The City of Joondalup features a variety of natural areas and vegetation types from coastal shrublands and grasslands, to inland Jarrah - Banksia woodlands. These natural areas provide important habitat and ecological linkages for native flora and fauna as well as offering recreation opportunities such as exercise, nature study, photography and bushwalking.

Due to urban influences and past disturbance factors such as inappropriate fire regimes, clearing, grazing and illegal dumping these remnant bushlands require ongoing management through environmental restoration programs.

Carnaby Reserve in Connolly boasts a highly diverse ecosystem.  The site has over 16 species of orchids and is home to a large array of birdlife including the endangered Carnabys Black Cockatoo.  This reserve is even home to a native marsupial mouse!

The Friends of Carnaby Reserve work in conjunction with the Natural Areas Team of the City of Joondalup to maintain this bushland so that it thrives unhindered by excessive weed invasion.

Join our team for the day as we explore some of the hidden paths at Carnabys Reserve and plant native vegetation to assist with the rehabilitation efforts at this important site.

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