Four Mile Beach Marine Debris Cleanup
Port Douglas, Qld

Port Douglas, Qld
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Departs from:
38 Hayward Street Mooroobool 4870 QLD
ph:+617 4032 0844
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Four Mile Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in Tropical North Queensland, a relaxing, sandy white stretch situated in Port Douglas between the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforest. Both of these ecosystems feature a wild variety of animal and plant species, and many are dependent on the health of our coastal region for survival.

Plastics are one of the biggest threats to the health of our ocean life. Items as small as plastic bottle lids or cigarette butts are ingested by fish, birds and other animals and stay in their stomachs for long periods of time, causing eventual starvation. Other threats include choking and entanglement. Even larger items such as buckets can eventually break down into smaller pieces, and be more easily ingested by marine life.

We require volunteers to help us keep this beach in its pristine condition by helping to remove Marine Debris washed up on its shoreline. On the day, we will be walking along this famous beach and collecting various elements of marine debris that have washed up on shore – these items can range from something as small as cigarette butts (which have a big impact!) to larger items like pieces of boat wreckage. One of the most common items found is actually the common plastic household peg! Various pieces washed up from areas of South East Asia are also occasionally found on our beaches.

We will then count and record this information for research purposes to be inputted into the Australian Marine Debris Database, to help us better understand one of the major threats provided to the Great Barrier Reef.

This ensures that many endangered marine species in the region, such as turtles and dolphins, have a safe and clean environment to dwell in, and makes our beaches much more attractive to walk along and swim in!

Come along and meet some new faces, whilst learning about the serious impact our rubbish can have on our marine areas. You’ll be surprised at what you find!  

For those coming from Cairns, we will be departing together from our Cairns office, transport free of charge to the event. For locals in Port Douglas and surrounds, you are welcome to meet us on the beach at the Portsea Hotel footpath access. 

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