Native Bushland Regeneration - Forrestdale Lake
Forrestdale, WA

Forrestdale, WA
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Departs from:
Pioneer Reserve, Fremantle - on the Phillimore Street side, just opposite the train station. You will see other volunteers waiting here and our white Hi-Ace van with CVA logos is easy to spot.
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Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve is a seasonal lake of approximately 220 hectares. This A-Class reserve is a still largely natural wetland, with some adjoining native vegetation. The lake is a major breeding, migration stop-over and semi-permanent drought refuge area for waterbirds including black swans, many species of ducks and other waterfowl and migratory and non-migratory wading birds.

Join us to assist the Friends of Forrestdale Lake and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to control large woody weeds within the reserve. These invasive weeds outcompete native vegetation and clog the water system, destroying natural habitat for the native wildlife. Some track maintenance activities will also be undertaken on some projects.

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