Wildlife walk with Eastern Barred Bandicoot Enclosure
Hamilton, Victoria

Hamilton, Victoria
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Departs from:
Hamilton Institure of Rural Learning - 333 North Boundary Rd, Hamilton
Departure time:

Jon us on a 6km walk around the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Enclosure in Hamilton. We will be looking for all signs of wildlife along this walk including sightings, prints, tracks and signs. Better still, you will help the Eastern Barred Bandicoot by helping check the parimetre fence.

If you have a paticular interest please let us know before you arrive.

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot is a small, nocturnal marsupial that rests in a shallow, grass lined nest during the day and comes out to forage at night on a variety of invertebrates, such as worms, grubs and beetles.

Eastern Barred Bandicoots were once widespread across the grasslands and grassy woodlands of western Victoria, extending into the south-east corner of South Australia. Widespread decline of the species occurred across Victoria, primarily due to a combination of predation by introduced foxes and habitat loss. By the 1970’s, the subspecies could only be found in Hamilton, but this population was also declining.

In 1989, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot was on the brink of extinction, this led to the formation of a multi-organisational Recovery Team that coordinated a recovery program focusing on predator control, habitat management and captive breeding.

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