Discover the Lower Glenelg National Park
Nelson, Victoria

Nelson, Victoria
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Discover the Lower Glenelg National Park

 The Glenelg River is the central feature of the Lower Glenelg National Park. Along the last part of its winding 400 kilometre path to the sea the river has carved a spectacular gorge up to 50 metres deep through limestone. River erosion and the action of rainwater have created a remarkable cave.

 Native Wildlife:

 Native animals, though sometimes difficult to find, include Eastern Grey kangaroos, Rednecked wallabies, Brush-tail possums, koalas and echidnas. In the more remote and undisturbed areas Potoroos can be found. Small colonies of Wombats inhabit the park, the only remnants of a once widespread population in the south west region of Victoria. Some of the more common  birds include emus, herons  Azure Kingfisher, and the rare Rufous Bristle-bird.

  Your Project:

 Have you ever wanted to volunteer but don’t want to spend endless hours planting trees or removing massive amounts of weeds? This could be the project of you dreams!

 We are required to walk through this amazing National Park, spot and GPS mark non native pine trees. We will then pull out or ring bark these individual trees and move on. Radiata Pine is an invasive species that could if left unchecked will take the place of our canopy tree species leaving no food or nest sites for of our native wildlife.

 Fitness Level:

A good basic level of fitness will be required for this activity as we will be walking through the bush all week. There will be limited amounts of hard labour and no bending/kneeling making this an ideal project for anyone interested in the great outdoors.

 What will you require?

You will need no previous experience for this project as all training will be given to you by one of our trained Team Leaders.

We do ask that you provide long sleeve pants and shirts, wet weather clothing, sun hat and sturdy footwear (no open topped shoes such as sandals or thongs). It is also wise to bring your own backpack and water bottle for this venture as we will be out in the bush for extended periods.

If you wish to stay with us you will be required to bring your own bedding.

 Where will I be staying?

 You will the staying in the beautiful township of Nelson is situated on the pristine Glenelg River, some two kilometres from the mouth but with views of the ocean across the sand hills to the south either side of the river estuary. Nelson was named by the surveyor of the township, Lindsay Clarke in 1851. It is believed that he chose the name to commemorate the “Lady Nelson”, the vessel that Lieut. Grant sailed in to explore the southern coastline of Victoria & South Australia about 50 years earlier.

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