Demoleyns Lagoon
Mirani, QLD

Mirani, QLD
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gravel carpark on the corner of Alfred and Peel streets, Mackay
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Wetlands are vital to the Great Barrier Reef. They reduce the impacts of floods, absorb pollutants and provide habitat for animals and plants.

Wetlands are important in other ways as well. They purify water and form nurseries for fish and other freshwater and marine life. Because of this, they are important to Australia's commercial and recreational fishing industries as well.

Conservation Volunteers Australia planted native trees at the iconic Demoleyns Lagoon, a beautiful freshwater lagoon situated approximately 40minutes from Mackay, in between Mirani and Marian in the picturesque Pioneer Valley on World Water Day and now they need maintaining.

The Lagoon was grazed by cattle until recently when the area was fenced off and revegetation of the degraded banks commenced. Although still a long way to go, the improvements made to this unique environment so far have not only increased the water quality but also enticed native wildlife to return to the area, making it a bird lovers dream!

Activities include watering, hand weeding and other activities to help the new trees grow.

This project is an exciting one for Mackay, which remains relatively undiscovered by tourism despite the tropical riches it has to offer, from ancient rainforests to stunning beaches and coral reefs. With its warm weather and unique wildlife, the region is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to volunteer in beautiful habitats away from hordes of holidaymakers.

Conservation Volunteers accommodation is not available on this project, but all levels of tourist accommodation are available in Mackay, from backpacker hostels to high-quality hotels. A team leader collects local and visiting volunteers daily from pick-up points in the city.

Volunteers need to bring and wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, boots or sturdy shoes, and a broad-brimmed hat. It is also recommended that volunteers bring and use sun-screen (30+) and tropical-strength insect repellent. 

Join us today to contribute towards restoring an endangered wetland that provides important habitat refuge for wildlife in a predominantly agricultural area!

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