Apple Gum Reserve - Conserve the Native Cherry
Glenmore Park, NSW

Glenmore Park, NSW
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Departs from:
Pick-up at Penrith Station at 8:30 am, drop off Penrith Station at 3:00 pm.
Departure time:
9:00 am

The Native Cherry (Exocarpus Cupressiformis)  is a semi-parasitic tree, endemic to Australia.  Also known as the ‘Cyprus Cherry’, this tree uniquely hides its delicious fruit deep in the tree, while displaying its vibrant seeds.

Providing habitat for birds and other native animals, the Native Cherry contributes to valued biodiversity at Apple Gum Reserve. Help conserve the native cherry and improve habitat by joining us for a day or two of bush regeneration in your local neighbourhood.

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26th April 2018
Note: This project is fully booked.
Weed Removal, Other
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