Coastal Restoration - Lizard Habitat
Moa Point, Wellington

Moa Point, Wellington
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Departs from:
Moa Point carpark, Tarakena Bay (opposite the dog pound)
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Habitat loss is the most severe threat to global biodiversity. While reservation of pristine natural areas and restoration of degraded ecosystems are effective for halting habitat loss, it is argued that too much habitat has already been lost to stop species extinction. Reconciliation ecology seeks to mitigate loss by increasing the capacity of modified environments to support non-human species, but without restoring these habitats to a pristine state. 

83% of New Zealand’s 100+ endemic lizard species are threatened with extinction. This is largely attributed to the loss and degradation of a large proportion of our native ecosystems. Furthermore, the introduction of exotic mammals to New Zealand has further deteriorated the lizard-supporting capacity of at least some, if not all, remaining lizard habitats through marked increases in predation and competition pressure.

Join us for a day of coastal planting which will help to determine whether habitat enhancement (aka gardening for lizards) improves the resilience of endemic lizard populations in the presence of introduced predators.

What to wear/bring: sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants and a jacket are essential. Bring a water bottle and some lunch.

What we provide: gloves, tools, an experienced team leader, free transport (if required) to and from the project.

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