Apple at Egret Colony *Employees ONLY*
Victoria Point, QLD

Victoria Point, QLD
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23 Wilson Esplanade, Victoria Point
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*Please note: This event is for Apply employees only*

Located approximately 40 kilometres South-East of Brisbane’s CBD, the Egret Colony Wetlands is a natural seaside wonderland which flows into the internationally significant Moreton Bay Ramsar Site. CVA partners with Egret Colony Wetlands Bushcare Group to address urban impacts at Egret Colony Wetlands. Through increasing volunteer engagement at the site to treat invasive weeds, plant local natives and remove rubbish we aim to improve the condition, resilience and function of the wetland habitat. The key habitat restoration activities that Apple employees may assist with across the site and wetland include weed removal, planting site preparation and general maintenance of existing planted areas, debris removal and monitoring. Due to the nature of the landscape, activities will vary dependent on season and weather conditions.

What to bring:

Bring some lunch with you, and some snacks such as fruit or biscuits for morning and afternoon tea breaks.

It’s important that you bring a full water bottle with you – remember to keep drinking plenty of fluids, especially if it’s a warm day and you’re volunteering hard. A one-litre size water bottle is a good choice – just ask your Team Leader if you need to refill it during the day.

What to wear:

You’ll need a pair of sturdy shoes – CVA recommends strong work or walking boots that will protect your feet and ankles – make sure they are comfortable!

For protection from the sun and for your own safety you are required to wear long trousers, long sleeved shirts with a collar, sunglasses and a sun hat – you’ll need to have these to comply with our safety procedures.

In cooler weather, consider layering for warmth, and bring a raincoat if wet weather is likely.

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