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Fullerton, NSW

Fullerton, NSW
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Unit 2, 89 Tennant Street Fyshwick 2609 ACT
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Large scale clearing and fragmentation of native box and grassy woodland has led to the decline of many woodland dependent native bird species. The Central West of NSW has historically had a rich diversity of woodland bird species, however due to extensive loss of habitat and the lack of connectivity of remnant woodland, species richness and diversity is in decline across many of our woodland birds.

CVA in partnership with the Fullerton-Hadley Landcare group will increase the connectivity, and area of, existing patches of woodland by planting native woodland flora species.

The project area represents part of an important link between the Kanagra-Boyd National Park to the East and the Nuggety SCA, Keverstone NP & Razorstone Nature Reserves to the Northwest. The properties contain suitable habitat (Yellow box woodland) for several threatened fauna species including the Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Regent Honeyeater & Diamond Firetail. It is also home to  iconic animals such as the Swamp wallaby, Platypus and Ringtail possum.

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