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Mid-Tweed River Flood Recovery

Byangum, October 23rd

Hay Point Foreshore & Marine Debris Surveys

Hay Point, Oct 23rd and 2 other dates

Yarrowee Creek Trail

Ballarat, October 23rd

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary, Bundoora

Bundoora, Oct 25th and 19 other dates

Highbury Aqueduct Biodiversity Corridor

Highbury, Oct 25th and 8 other dates

Beach Scrub - conserve endangered vegetation and habitat in the NQ Dry Tropics Region

Rollingstone, Townsville to Bowen, Oct 26th and 18 other dates

Vernal Pools

Mawson Lakes, Oct 26th and 9 other dates

Patawalonga Creek

Adelaide , Oct 26th and 6 other dates

Buckley Park - Point Lonsdale

Point Lonsdale, Oct 26th and 5 other dates

Barwon Heads environmental improvement

Barwon Heads, Oct 26th and 15 other dates

Conserving Campbelltowns Koalas

Campbelltown, Oct 26th and 2 other dates

Chevron Staff Day - City of Kwinana

Perth, October 26th

Biodiversity - Quarry Hills Park

South Morang, Oct 26th and 1 other date

City of South Perth Nursery

Como, October 26th

GPC Gladstone Harbour Catchment Care Program

Gladstone, Oct 26th and 11 other dates

Eastern Barred Bandicoot Spotlighting Tour

Hamilton, Oct 26th and 1 other date

Marine Debris Survey @ Salonika Beach

Salonika Beach, October 27th

Sand dune preservation around Queenscliff

Queenscliff, Oct 27th and 8 other dates

Ocean View Plant Place

Townsville, Oct 27th and 8 other dates

Tracking Wollondilly's Koalas

Wollondilly, Oct 27th and 5 other dates

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